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Primate Fitness Latest News

  • Wed
    685 hitsPaul Rossodivita
      I get quite a few people asking me what sort of training they should follow. There is a great deal of information available and to figure out that which will provide the most effective results can be difficult.   Certainly not here to say what training you should or shouldn’t do. I would rather you ask the questions of your past, current or future training.   In deciding what's best for you, what should be considered first and foremost is sustainability and safety! Make ...
  • Tue
    944 hitsPaul Rossodivita
    It was a real privilege to be interviewed by the team at burnandlearn.com.au. They have some great content and its special to be apart of. http://burnandlearn.com.au/2014/01/15/move-like-a-monkey-primate-fitness-for-your-health/?blogsub=confirming
  • Thu
    1028 hitsPaul Rossodivita
    Primate Fitness is proud to announce that it is now a certified member of Functional Movement Systems. This will ensure all clients are screened prior to undertaking any movement patterns. More information can be found on the services tab or please go to the contact us page if any further information is required.